4 Natural Ways to Detox Your Liver

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Perhaps you don’t know who is the CEO of your body? Well, on this particular issue, there is no consensus among people and medical specialists. Some think that the heart is the CEO while others think that this position belongs to the liver. However, if the liver is not the CEO still it holds the most important position in the body.

This life-supporting organ does not weigh more than two to three pounds and its maximum length is two to four inches. You know why we call it a life-supporting organ because it carries almost five hundred roles in the body every day.

According to the liver specialist in Lahore, the liver is the only organ in the human body that can decrease its mass up to seventy-five percent, and it also has the ability to regrow back easily. Most people knew that when they smoke and consume harmful drinks, it contributes to the damage to liver. When the liver is damaged then it would not perform well and also would not detoxify the body in an effective way.

When your liver is unable to detox the body, it needs help. Some simple ways help you detox the liver so that it can work well against several liver problems.

Ways to Detox Your Liver

There are some ways to detox your liver that would help you a lot:

1. Tea

Tea, perhaps, is the most useable drink in the world. Most people are unable to start and end their day without taking a cup of tea because it has several benefits for their health. In addition, some medical evidence also shows that it is also advantageous for upholding the health of the liver.

A study, that was conducted in Japan, concluded that consuming five to ten cups of green tea in a single day significantly improved blood markers of the liver. Green tea contains a compound known as catechins which play an essential role in assisting the function of the liver.

In addition, this tea also possessed a number of antioxidants that also leave numerous benefits on your health, especially on the liver. However, you have to avoid using the extract of green tea because it can affect your health in a bad way.

2. Drink More Water

The simplest way to detox the liver is to consume more water on a regular basis. Hepatologists believe that consuming more water helps the liver to move toxins, and also increases their speed to get them out of the body.

However, not every type of water will help you to detoxify the liver because some types don’t possess detoxifying properties. Make sure to drink filtered tap water at specific hours throughout the day because in this way you can increase the benefits. In addition, if you want to increase the effectiveness in an appropriate way then you can add a pinch of salt as well as turmeric.

Medical specialists recommend that consuming four liters in a single day is a general rule for everyone. However, you can increase or decrease this amount according to the need of your body. Additionally, you need to stay away from water that is saved in plastic beverage containers, and carbonated water is also not a good option for your liver.

3. Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables include effective vegs such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc., but they are not limited to these vegs. Glutathione plays an essential role in triggering the enzymes of the liver that are considered toxin cleansers, and these vegetables are considered a big source of glutathione.

If you are consuming cruciferous vegetables, whether in natural form or you eat them after cooking, would increase the production of glucosinolate in the system. This product helps the body to flush out carcinogens that are more harmful toxins than others.

4. Sweat and Sweat

Sweating regularly, no matter what is the way, would also contribute to the detoxifying process of the liver. It completely depends on the zone where you are living and how you would sweat. However, sweating is not considered an optimal way to detoxify the liver.

If you are sweating through exercise then it has also its own detoxifying benefits for the body, and this helps you flush out toxins through the body.

You can adopt different ways such as hot yoga, and sauna sessions would be among the great options to sweat out the toxins from the body. 

Most people make the mistake that they don’t wipe out sweat as soon as possible and it makes them get a limited amount of benefits. If you want to get maximum benefits then you have to wipe out your sweat within a short period of time because it doesn’t, your body will reabsorb these toxins that are flushed out through sweating.

In addition, after wiping out sweating, you can take cool a shower.

The Bottom Line

Detoxifying your liver every day is a must because if you don’t take measures for it then it would not function well and your overall health would be affected.

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