A Roundup Of Our Best Halo Engagement Rings

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The halo engagement ring is one of the most popular and sought-after styles of engagement rings in the world. Some may indeed say it’s a bit overdone. However, you’ll surely fete the design – a row of diamonds that frame the center gravestone, If you’re not familiar with the term “ halo ”.

But how familiar are you with the term hidden halo engagement ring? The retired halo is an ultramodern take on a traditional design and it’s been growing in fashionability. Then’s everything you need to know and why you should take a chance on this instigative, new trend.

But before we tell you about all the benefits of an engagement ring with a retired halo, let’s first tease you with many of our best-dealing retired halo engagement rings. All were designed and drafted at Darry Rings.

1- A Hidden Halo Can Make Your Center Stone Appear Larger

The hidden halo engagement ring, also generally appertained to as under halo setting, is an innovative and unique take on the classic halo design. Although analogous in the proposition, both settings yield veritably different results. The stylish way to describe a retired halo setting is that rather than framing the center gravestone, the halo sits below it, “ retired ” and acts as a base for the diamond.

From a catcalls eye view, you may not be suitable to see the halo but from any other angle, the retired halo stands out and accentuates the precious center gravestone. The retired halo setting can make the center gravestone feel up to 15 larger. It gives the diamond a platform made of indeed further diamonds that allows it to shine center stage.

2- Hidden Halo Works With Any Shaped Diamond

Unlike some other types of settings, the retired halo setting fits impeccably with any shaped diamond. Its growing fashionability can be attributed to its capability to make any diamond shine, no matter the shape – round, radiant, round, pear, etc. This particular setting also allows for the plenitude of room to add diamonds to the band without cluttering the center gravestone.

3. Mix Essence with a Hidden Halo Setting

Have you ever wanted to mix essence in an engagement ring set but didn’t know how to do it without looking tacky? The retired halo setting gives the ring plenitude of occasion to mix essence without overwhelming the design. Picture a white gold bijou band with an unheroic gold setting to support the retired halo. Having numerous options when designing and buying her dream engagement ring is crucial to a successful purchase and a happy bridegroom-to-be.

4. Hidden Halo Engagement Rings Have analogous Pricing to Halo Engagement Rings

As for price, there’s no major difference between a halo and a retired halo setting. The retired halo setting may not need as numerous diamonds. Since it’s deposited below the center gravestone and doesn’t frame the entire diamond. But they generally are priced unevenly.

There’s no right or wrong answer to the question, “should I get a halo or hidden halo setting?” It’s entirely over to the buyer. However, it’s that every person is different, If we’ve learned anything from being in this business for decades. That translates directly into the style they choose for a ring that they will wear ever. That’s until she wants an upgrade for her anniversary. Darry Rings will buy back your gravestone and you just pay the difference! How’s that for a lifelong commitment.

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