Amazing benefits of Using Human Resources SharePoint

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Are you looking for a tool to enhance the HR portal of your organization? We understand you need the power to manage people, information, and content with great flexibility. Human Resources plays a vital role in every business to smooth the workflows and keep everything intact.

Organizations come in various sizes and types, but one thing that they cannot avoid is human resources.

The HR SharePoint is known to be a great site to share information, documents, and update with employees. We will be discussing some benefits of SharePoint and some insights that help enhance your firm’s performance.


What are the unique features of the SharePoint HR portal?

SharePoint is a versatile tool that can be used by any department and customized according to the organization’s requirements. The HRM has to deal with many processes like employee onboarding, updating employees about policy changes, managing attendance and leave, securely storing information, and more.

Let us look at some amazing features of the SharePoint HR portal:

  • Employee Information Management: This handles employee database, search filtering, reporting, and automated notifications.
  • Lifecycle Management: With document management for the HR team to handle diverse employee transactions and automate the workflows.
  • Payroll Management: It will collect and manage the data required for calculating payroll. Track and approve the salary changes, if any.
  • Compensation Management: Determine the pay grades of the employee based on their performance metrics as it includes real-time reviews.
  • Benefits Management: SharePoint helps track employees’ eligibility for corporate benefits.
  • Performance Management: It has a KPI tracking system by automating the employee performance reviews and advance notifications from the dashboards.

What are the benefits of the HR SharePoint site?

1.      Great storage capacity and documentation

Commonly it is used to collaborate with a team, and employees use it to share important documents. SharePoint provides enormous storage for documents and HR content. It is not just a place to store and search records. Instead, it is a platform to connect HR tools for better understanding.

Human Resource Management provides a digital experience to handle customer databases, employee documents, compliance documents, etc.

2.      Collaboration made easy

This is the key to increasing understanding among the audience. Did you know that the productivity of your employees improves by 20% to 25% if they stay connected in the organization? SharePoint HR portal helps to dedicate multiple departments on a single page.

Some solutions you get are a centralized and streamlined system that makes it easier to store, search, and share information to bring together various departments.

3.      HR information access

Gone are the days when it was difficult to communicate and manage information. With the help of HR SharePoint, you get your files automatically synchronized and accessible from anywhere and at any time. It provides solutions that are friendly to use and access.

So, when it comes to documents like company policy, employee handbooks, and benefits that can be updated within the Microsoft SharePoint HR portal.

4.      Smooth process of employee hiring

No more spamming the mailbox for every new employee in the office with the help of customized solutions. SharePoint provides a solution for the employee hiring and onboarding process, making it easy and manageable.

The SharePoint HR portal picks relevant employee profiles then sort them for your business. You no more have to stress about scheduling interviews, to get alerts, shortlisting candidates, or engaging with them to the very end.

5.      Centralized database management

Human Resources always have to deal with the process of collecting, maintaining, and collating the employee records in a single place. This requires huge time and efforts investments from HR. The Employee directory integrates with Office 365 and SharePoint account that helps keep the records updated.

Moreover, SharePoint HR is hierarchy-based access control that saves data from unwanted manipulation or distortion.

6.      Custom HR dashboard

Every organization has unique HR professionals to meet its targets. You never break the goals to align with the system. Instead, you customize the system to meet your goals. Corporates have been struggling to find a customized solution that meets their expectations.

SharePoint understands the deep-rooted issue, and a SharePoint Designer will help build customized solutions for your business. It helps to provide a separate social area for employees to chat, share the latest findings, share moments by wishing anniversary or birthday greetings, and develop a bonding.

7.      More Sharing! More Awareness

We live in the digital era, where it is possible to connect, create, collaborate, and campaign efficiently. The HR team constantly requires keeping people updated about all the business verticals, meaning the company’s latest news, the vision of CEOs, blogs, new product launches, and more.

SharePoint has a Help Desk and News Ticker to make it effortless to share information with employees to raise a service request with any department.

8.      Highly Secure and Safe

Digital innovations are faster than ever, and it has become critical for HRM teams to secure sensitive information from unauthorized individuals. You might need help from SharePoint Consultant to provide a highly secure environment when accessing the company policies, sensitive customer information, or compliance documents.

The HR SharePoint portal helps identify sensitive information from various locations like Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online.

9.      Track Policies and Procedures

HR staff should ensure that the company policy complies with the federal, state, and local labor laws. Also, they need to make sure that the employees are following the company policy. The SharePoint HR management helps to regulate the centrally stored procedures. It also provides the policy status as active and expired certifications accessible from the dashboard.

The HR team can easily schedule notifications to review and update the policies whenever required. The SharePoint HR portal has integrated audio, graphics, and video training materials to make this process effortless.

The Final Say!

Organizations are looking for a smarter and automated methods to beat the competition in this digital era. Thus, HR SharePoint has dedicated its features to providing the best solution and empowering businesses.

So, now your HR team can work efficiently and maintain high accuracy while dealing with any sensitive information.

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