Australian Air Transport passengers now travelling to NZ without you

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A blog article explaining a new rule that may affect Australian air passengers travelling to New Zealand. The new rule applies to Australians who want to travel to New Zealand and roam around the country for more than three months over a 12-month period – they will now need a visa!

What is the Government of New Zealand doing in regards to Australia

The Australian Government has released a statement saying that they are “disappointed” with the New Zealand Government’s decision to ban Australian air transport from entering the country. NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR BELGIAN CITIZENS The statement goes on to say that this measure will have a “major impact” on tourism and trade between the two countries.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern defended her country’s decision by stating that they have had enough of Australia’s “pattern of behaviour”. She also said that the ban is in response to Australia’s refusal to take back citizens who have been convicted of crimes in New Zealand. The ban has been in effect since November 26, and Australia is still yet to respond to the situation. Some New Zealanders have voiced their frustration on social media over the ban.

The ban has come as a shock for Australian tourists who were hoping for some time in New Zealand this winter season. The controversy began after the shooting at two mosques in Christchurch last week. Now, Kiwis are feeling outraged by what they feel is a “cruel” response from Australia’s government. Many people want to know why there hasn’t been a solid effort made by New Zealand officials to get these citizens back home before now. This proves that the relationship between the two countries is strained right now, and it will take more than just an NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR FRENCH CITIZENS

What is the Australian Government doing in regards to New Zealand?

Australian Air Transport passengers now travelling to NZ without you. The Australian government is doing a lot in order to keep its citizens safe while travelling, and this includes working with other countries in order to ensure the safety of its citizens when travelling. One such example of this is the recent partnership between Australia and New Zealand which was announced in early 2018.

The deal will see Australian Air Transport passengers being able to travel between both countries without requiring a visa, and this is expected to save both travellers time and money. The cooperation between the two countries is also expected to increase tourism, trade and business ties between the two nations.

How can the two nations be brought together?

Since Australian Air Transport started flying to New Zealand, the two countries have been working to bring them together more. The first step was an agreement on aviation regulations, which has now led to a free trade agreement. The goal is for the two countries to eventually have a single trade market.

Another way the two countries are working together is through tourism. Australia is hoping to bring in more tourists from New Zealand, and vice versa. This will create jobs and increase trade between the two nations.

To increase tourism, there have been various investment deals made. A Australian company has created a luxury resort in Queenstown, and another Australian company is developing a golf course in Wanaka. These investments will create jobs and help promote the tourism industry between the two nations.


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