Create a Carousel Ad on Facebook 

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Create a Carousel Ad on Facebook 

It would not be wise not to create carousel ads when you consider that they get 12 percent more click-throughs than regular Facebook ads. You probably already know this, but you may be worried about the time it takes, your design skills, or how complicated it can be. Followers on Instagram

It could be. We’re here to help. Today’s article will show you how to create a Facebook-effective carousel advertisement that people click on. We’ll go through each step step-by-step and not leave any stone unturned.

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Before we get into the creative waters of creating them, let’s learn a little more about Facebook carousel ads.

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What is a Facebook Carousel Ad? And why are they so important?

Facebook Carousel Ads let you be more creative and squeeze your content into a smaller space than usual. You can show up to 10 different stories or products. Each product or story can have images, Affordable Housing Developer videos, URLs, and descriptions. You can display them interactively to make them more specific. This aspect is crucial because it increases engagement.

  1. This tool allows you to present multiple products in one advertisement

You can highlight various products by having more than one product displayed. This will enable you to display various CTAs under different products, leading to other landing pages.

Various products can be shown to create a product tour. Each card would highlight the key features. Knowing what to expect makes people more likely to purchase.

  1. This tool allows you to present the features of one product

Carousel ads are great for displaying just one product. You can highlight specific details about it. You don’t need to show a product by itself. A carousel can be used to demonstrate how to use a product. Each card can be a step in the process.

Facebook carousel ads aren’t limited to products. They can be used to promote and share articles. You can share blogs or reports from your website. Each piece will be on one card. This is an excellent way for papers to be grouped under a single topic or theme, making them more visible.

  1. This tool will help you tell a story

Facebook carousels can be more than simply featuring products and services. With each card, you can share a story with them. It brings products/services close to customers while stimulating their emotions. They can then visualize themselves using your products. They will be more likely to buy if they see themselves using your products.

Although you might think Facebook carousel ads are only helpful for eCommerce, they can be used in any industry. They can be used for advertising menus in restaurants, presentations, and more.

It is worth mentioning the cost-effectiveness of carousels compared to single-post ads. They have a 30-50% lower cost per conversion. Cost-per-click is also 20-30% lower than single-image link ads.

How to create Carousel Ads for Facebook

It’s easy to create a Facebook carousel even if you don’t have any tech skills. It’s pretty simple. It all begins with selecting images/ videos to go on your carousel. You must meet some requirements to get the best image/video specifications.

Image and Video Specifications

There are some requirements you must follow regarding videos and images. Keep in mind, however, that the text may also have requirements or recommendations.

  • Headline – should not exceed 40 characters.
  • Description – Maximum 20 characters
  • Primary text – Keep it at 125 characters
  • This is how to create a carousel ad on Facebook

You can create a carousel advertisement in two ways:

  1. From your Facebook page

Click on the Promote button at the top of the page and click on Get More Visitors. In the Description box, enter an optional description for your ad.

Next, select Select Media and upload your photos or videos to the Browse Media page. You can also choose the ones that are already there. Click Select to add them in the order you wish them to appear. You can select up to five images or videos.

In each Headline box, enter optional text. You can scroll through the carousel cards by clicking on the arrows.

Next, you’ll set up the button as well as the URL. Important information: If you wish to display different URLs on each carousel, you’ll need to use Ads Manager.

Next, choose Audience, Duration, and Daily Budget. It’s now time to decide where your ads should appear. Click the subsequent box Placement to make your selection.

Lastly, click the Payment Method dropdown to make the payment. After viewing the ad and checking that everything is in order, click on Promote Now to make it public.

  1. From Ads Manager

A new window will open, and you can select the Campaign Objective. You can’t use Engagement or Video Views to create carousels.

If there are special ad categories, you can set them now. Add A/B Test and Budget optimization to your order, then click Next.

You are almost there. Select your Facebook Page in the Identity section. If applicable, attach your Instagram account. Next, choose a carousel from the Ad Setup section.

Filling out the Ad Creative section with the fields for your carousel card is one of the most important things you can do.

Scroll down to find the Tracking section, where you can create URL Parameters and events. It is high time to explore more creative waters and create carousel images.

Let’s see your images.

Many eCommerce store owners fear this step because they believe they must have advanced design skills to create carousel images.

While this might be true for specific tools, we have created a device that is equally accessible to designers and non-designers. Let’s see what we mean.

  1. Select a template

After logging in, you will be able to see our ever-growing gallery of templates. It is updated every week. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the Facebook Carousel option.

The parameters of the Instagram Square Post are identical so that you can choose it. Use a 1:1 ratio, or 1080×1080 resolution.

  1. Make a Carousel

It’s time to pick the design you like best – the infinite whiteboard. Canvas. This feature allows you to do all your brainstorming from one location.

All logos, fonts, and images can be placed in one place. You can add all the symbols, fonts, images, etc., and quickly compare, edit, and change until you find the one you like.

You don’t need to leave your computer screen to add photos to your carousel. All you have to do is copy the design that you choose.

You can also save time by not having to change every image. You can keep the background the same and change only the product images. There are many options that you have to modify and customize your pictures. Feel free to look through them and learn more. Enjoy the process.

Once you are done with the design process, save your creations and upload them to your Ad Campaign.

Let’s recap

A good carousel can be cost-effective, entertaining, and versatile. It’s easy to create one using an app, so it would be a shame not to try it.

You can create compelling carousels that will increase brand awareness, generate leads, and help you save time and money. We like to say it here: “Make your vision a reality!”

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