Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Turkey Visa for Dominican Citizens

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Do you want to go to Turkey on vacation? Not a problem if you’re a Dominican citizen! The Dominican Republic has strong ties with Turkey and its citizens can easily get a visa to travel there and experience all that Turkey has to offer. If you’re planning your trip to Turkey, be sure to pay close attention to this article about everything you need to know about getting a TURKEY VISA FOR DOMINICAN CITIZENS!

Why do you need a visa to go to Turkey?

The Turkish government has introduced some new rules that make it much more difficult for tourists to enter Turkey. First, it’s now necessary to have an invitation letter from a host in Turkey (hotel or other approved organization) before you can receive your visa. Secondly, you must prove that you can afford your trip; if you are staying with friends, then they will need to provide bank statements or other proof of financial support. It’s also important that your travel documents remain valid until your entry date into Turkey; otherwise, you could be refused by passport control.

What are the requirements and documents needed?

Any Dominican citizens or Dominica citizens planning on traveling to Turkey are required by law to have an international passport valid for at least 6 months. If your passport is about to expire, you may need to renew it before applying for your visa. Keep in mind that some travel agencies may ask you for additional information such as proof of employment, a letter of invitation, and financial information. So make sure that you inform them of your citizenship if they request any additional documents from you.

Which documents should you bring with you?

The documents you need vary depending on what type of visa you’re applying for, so it’s best to check with your local Turkish embassy or consulate. General information can be found on Turkey’s official tourism website. However, it is important that visitors have one of these: An ID card; A valid passport; Evidence of financial means (i.e., either hotel bookings or bank statements); The necessary vaccinations and health certificates; and Evidence of sufficient funds (i.e., cash in their home currency). It is important to note that citizens from certain countries will require additional documents – such as an international certificate for infectious diseases – before being granted permission to enter Turkey. TURKEY VISA FOR DOMINICA CITIZENS

When should you travel?

There are several factors that come into play when deciding when you should travel. For example, if you’re traveling on business and have limited vacation time, it’s probably not in your best interest to take off mid-year. Similarly, if there is an event coming up that requires you to be back in your home country (i.e., the birth of a grandchild or a school exam), it would be wise to factor that into your decision as well. But generally speaking, Turkey is an affordable destination year-round so whenever your schedule allows is an ideal time to visit. The tourism season runs from May through October; most visitors arrive during July and August as well as during September and October’s shoulder season.

How long can you stay in the country?

If you’re eligible, you can enter Turkey with a Turkish e-Visa that’s valid for three months. Once in Turkey, you can extend your stay twice for up to one month each time by applying at a local immigration office (further details on how to do so are outlined below). This means you can spend up to six months in Turkey in total. Before entering Turkey, make sure your passport has enough blank pages—you’ll be required to fill out multiple immigration forms at various checkpoints throughout your trip. Also, remember that foreigners who enter through international airports with non-Turkish passports will have their passports stamped; those coming through land or sea borders won’t have any stamps placed on their passports.

Where can you stay in Istanbul or Ankara (Turkey)?

Hotels, Hostels, and Affordable Homes: The Top 5 hotels in Istanbul are: Crowne Plaza Bosphorus Hotel (5 Stars), Intercontinental Istanbul Bosphorus (5 Stars), Holiday Inn Istanbul City Centre – Beşiktaş (4 Stars), Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet (5 Stars) and Four Seasons Hotel Belek / Antalya(5 Star). More affordable hotels are Atlas Apart Otel, Best Western Plus Antique Belediye Otel, Hostel Nursery in Sultanahmet, and Zeynep Sultan Inn. If you plan on staying outside of Turkey, a Turkey visa for Dominican citizens covers mostly all other countries except those with no diplomatic relations with Turkey.

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