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Make a Music tab

Band Page remains the market standard and the most efficient method to stream music directly on your Page on Facebook. Reverb Nation, CD Baby, and Band camp are all great music players. However, I mainly prefer Band Page’s because it’s clear and doesn’t have many other gadgets. The tab can be named “Music” or “Music and Videos.” Band Page lets you sync the accounts of your get many Facebook followers uk or YouTube accounts to allow music and videos that you can stream. People won’t like your Page If they can’t hear your songs. Listen to entire songs! The days of 90-second previews are gone.

Add a Tour Tab

Your fans will check out your Facebook page to get information about your endeavor. Make it easy for them to hear your music, view videos, or discover the dates and locations you’ll be touring. Bands In Town can be described as the most widely used Facebook tour tab application. It is worth noting that Song Kick and Reverb Nation have good Facebook tour apps, too.

Facebook Events are a standard feature of every Facebook Page. However, for an event with 60 dates, it is not necessary to set up 60 Facebook Events and post your show in Bands In Town (an essential requirement) along with Song Kick (a basic). BIT and Song Kick have unique relationships with the major companies in the field to show shows and dates.

They both draw from the majority of popular ticketing sites. Therefore when your tour is scheduled to sell advance tickets from an important ticket seller, The shows will be compiled through BIT or Song Kick.

Fill Out All The Info

When someone first visits your Facebook Page, they’ll spend the longest time perusing and figuring out whether they’d like to click a Like or not. Additionally, I frequently go to Artists’ Pages on Facebook for contact details, label/management information, and bios. Complete all forms in the About section.

Personalize Your Posts

Nobody likes boring content “from management.” Those are dull, cold, and uninteresting. People want to see content from the artist, be it images, videos, commentary, or even links. So personalize it!

Stick To Your Brand

If you’re a political-oriented band who constantly writes conscious music and your audience is close to your political beliefs, create political commentary and share hyperlinks to political articles that you consider pertinent. But even if your music isn’t politically oriented or a political act, avoid causing confusion (or disenchanting) your fans by pushing your political views into their ear.

It’s not the reason they’re on your Facebook page. Don’t let them rant on your own Facebook profile. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show your style. Of course, you can! But make sure it is relevant to the person you are as an artist.

Invite Your Friends

It’s a no-brainer. However, once your Facebook page is in good shape (i.e., contains the content above), invite your entire circle of friends. It’s best to invite everyone once a year. Please don’t overdo it. It is easy to do this (today) by pressing the three dots on the right side of the Share button on a page you can manage.

Post During Business Hours

The latest research (pdf) conducted by Lithium Technologies and get many Facebook likes uk revealed the most effective time to post to Facebook according to your location. I’ll summarize the findings that say to post only when people are at work. It seems like a no-brainer. However, now you know. There is more interaction during business hours. Weekends have MUCH less engagement.


If you’re operating with some money and can advertise your posts, you can promote them. I want more people to view album releases, videos, or tour dates. Although we’d love to discredit this, Facebook advertising works. It can be targeted at particular segments like males between 18-25 years old, living within 20 miles from St. Louis, avid fans of Alabama Shakes, and buying something online in the last month. Yes, Facebook can be creepily specific.

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