How Much Do Travel Apps Cost In 2022?

When you're on vacation, it's excellent to have a mobile app that can help you through your tour and journey.


Travelers now use software to plan their trips, where they travel, when they travel, and how they share those experiences. It has also democratized travel, allowing people to readily book flights, hotels, and adventure trips. Travel has gotten more comfortable as new technology has enabled tourists to access the Internet in-flight, book travel lodgings in advance, and read reviews of eateries and tourist destinations.

This is when travel app development services might come in handy! Businesses and entrepreneurs may immediately take on the particular difficulties of their consumers by providing flight comparison services, travel insurance, and hotel booking services to create a unified travel management platform and swiftly cover market gaps with custom travel apps and software.

In this post, we'll go over all you need to grasp about travel apps and travel mobile app development cost estimates. 

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What Are Travel Apps And Their Benefits?

Travel applications give you all of the information you need to explore your favorite destinations. It provides quick access to trip information, pricing, and reservations. The trip app is with you from the moment you leave your house until you return home with rich memories. Any travel company with a mobile application may assist its customers in every manner conceivable.

The creation of a travel app for your company will reach users and generate cash. Users will be engaged by features such as easy ticket booking, secure transactions, packages, and reviews. As a result, having a travel app for your agency is critical.

Cost To Develop A Travel App In 2022: A Sneak Peek!

The travel app development cost varies depending on the elements you include in the application. So, before you search for an app development cost estimator, always have a clear concept of your requirements.

It is common for travel apps to be developed for Android or iOS for a price of $10,000 or more. It occasionally exceeds the expected value based on the features and technologies employed in mobile app development. iByte Infomatics, a top travel mobile app development company, can provide you with comprehensive information regarding app requirements and travel app development cost variables.



In the sections that follow, we'll dive deep into the travel app development cost estimations connected with travel app development. Stay tuned until then!

Top Players Of The Travel Booking Sector

Recognizing who you'll be sharing space with is a vital component of entering an already packed space. The sector is already saturated by a few names that have set the industry's goals and monetization techniques.

  • Expedia

  • Kayak

  • Travelocity

  • Airbnb

  • Tripadvisor

  • LoungeBuddy

We understand how long the list may appear. But we guarantee that at the end of this post, you will have tips to help your travel app business go up the list.

Different Types Of Travel Mobile Applications

Many travel application companies are sprouting up these days that are helping people organize every aspect of their travel itinerary during their trip. And one such travel app development company is iByte Infomatics. Let's take a closer look at the various types of mobile apps that are available for tours and travels.

1. Travel Planning App 

Users can utilize trip planning apps to identify the finest vacation packages within their budget, make bookings, and arrange for a safe voyage. They can also read other customer's reviews before making their reservations.

2. Flight Booking App

With their low-cost travel tickets, flight booking apps are now giving each other a run for their money. Users can now choose from a variety of airline booking choices while comparing prices. Users can also use promo coupons and discounts to purchase lower-cost flight tickets.

3. Accommodation Booking App

Your users may directly integrate with the resort and resort owners in a specific region or area using the accommodation booking app. Users of such mobile applications can also contrast the pricing range and other amenities of various types of lodging.

4. Navigation App

Navigation applications assist tourists in finding the best route from the airport/station to the desired locations in a given city. It displays the optimal navigational route that would take the least amount of time and be free of traffic. 

5. Travel Guide App

The travel guide app is designed for tourists who want to find events, entertainment, towns, and restaurants in a certain place throughout their whole trip. This app displays the best results based on your search criteria.

What You Need To Implement In A Travel Booking App!

When determining travel app development cost estimates, these travel app features tend to be the ones that majorly affect the success of the application while playing a crucial role in deciding the cost of travel application development. Take a look: 

  • Minimal human involvement

  • Latest weather updates

  • One-stop travel booking

  • Tracking in real-time

  • Automated booking system

  • Geographic information 

  • Detailed reviews of trips

  • Simplifying transactions

Technology Stack For Travel App Development

Use cutting-edge technologies to ensure that your travel app runs smoothly and quickly. You can obtain the entire technological stack you need to build a mobile travel application right here. We compiled the list by consulting with resources at the leading travel app development company, iByte Infomatics. Check out the following list:

  • Programming Languages: Java, Swift, Kotlin

  • Database: MySQL, Aerospike

  • Testing: GitLab, Jira

  • Web Tools: JavaScript, Node.js, Sequelize

  • Storage: Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud

  • Frameworks: Angular, Vue.js

  • APIs: Facebook, Google, and other third-party APIs allow your application to access functionality using JavaScript.

Travel App Development Cost Estimation

Two primary factors affect the travel app development cost, the feature set and the technology stack mentioned above. However, these are insufficient to predict the amount you would need to set out for trip booking app development costs. Several critical elements must still be taken into account.The cost that an online travel app development company charges are dependent on a plethora of different factors and elements. A combination of such factors will result in an estimation of travel app development cost, which can range anywhere from $10,000 and more depending on what elements you want to get into them.

As important as it is to understand the elements that constitute travel applications and the travel app development cost, is to understand the ways in which you can recover your investment.

There are two major methods for earning money from your travel application: advertising it through Adsense and other comparable ad placement choices that include click-based advertising, and including agents and hotels as premium service providers in exchange for a fee. 

1 – Location Of The Agency

The geography of the specialist travel app design company you intend to work with will have the most impact on the entire travel app development cost. As a basic rule, the average per-hour cost decreases as you move from a Western to an Eastern country. The average cost per hour in Australia and the United States is $80 – $100,000, while the average travel app development cost per hour in India is $25 – $80,000. 

2 – Backend Architecture Choice

The selection of backend architecture also has a significant impact on the average travel app development cost. When we address backend architecture, we mostly discuss the decision between Monolithic and Microservices. While microservices design would be somewhat more pricey, it would be more scalable and future-proof.

3 – Technology Incorporation 

To differentiate yourself from the mass of travel apps, you must employ cutting-edge technologies to attract customers. If that is your intention, keep in mind that the addition of technologies such as AR/VR, Blockchain, IoT, and so on will raise the travel app development cost.

4 – Travel Booking App Design & Development

The cost of mobile app design can have a significant impact on the overall cost of travel booking app development. While animations and videos are excellent for connecting individuals to your application, they have an average travel app development cost. 

We recommend beginning with simple animations and vectors and gradually increasing your design style as the app's notoriety and download rates improve. Taking into consideration the variables and functionalities, the overall travel app development cost can be projected to be $10,000 and more depending on your specific demand.

Travel App Development Cost Estimates

App Type: Basic App

Total Cost: $60,000- $150,000 Approx

Timeline: 3-5 months

App Type: Medium Complexity App

Total Cost: $150,000- $300,000 Approx

Timeline: 4-9 months

App Type: High Complexity App

Total Cost: $300,000+ Approx and more

Timeline: 9 months+

Having concluded the travel app development cost estimations, let's move on to the conclusion.

Build Travel Apps With iByte Infomatics!

iByte Infomatics is a full-service mobile app development company with extensive expertise working with corporate clients to create the solutions they want. We can construct the high-quality solutions you need 3x faster than manual development, whether you require applications to help you manage your operations or more efficiently handle client interactions, marketing, customer service, and travel logistics.

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