How to Apply for an Indian Business Visa as a Medical Attendant

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If you’re looking to come to India as an Indian medical attendant, you might find that it’s easier than you think. Since the medical industry in India continues to grow, medical attendants from countries such as the United States and Canada are especially in demand due to their skills and training. Read on for information about how to get your Indian business visa, as well as more detailed instructions about applying for your INDIAN MEDICAL ATTENDANT VISA.

What is a medical attendant visa?

One of many Indian business visas, medical attendant visas are issued to those who want to travel to India in order to serve and care for medical patients. Applicants must meet certain age and educational requirements in order to qualify. While there is no limit on how long you can stay on an INDIAN BUSINESS VISA, it’s not something you want to be prolonged. The key is showing that you can support yourself financially while in India, which means all your money needs (including debt) will have been addressed prior to your departure.

Requirements and process

To get a business visa, you need to be in India on employment authorization. Your prospective employer must provide you with proof of your ability to work in India, such as a letter from your future Indian employer outlining your position and duties. Be prepared to prove that you have enough money in your bank account for initial expenses and for living costs (at least 10,000 rupees per month). If you are leaving from another country, or already live outside of India, make sure you can prove how you will get back home after your time there is up; tourist visas are only valid for six months.

Do you need a sponsor?

Entry into India will be permitted for a period of six months at one time. This is extendable by another six months, provided you apply well in advance and provide justification (such as planned business activities) and relevant supporting documents such as invitation letters, itinerary and/or bank statements, etc. The Ministry of Home Affairs issues annual quotas on permits issued through its Indian Missions abroad under specific categories such as Indian trade or commerce, diplomatic or official work, medical treatment, etc. When applying to Indian Missions abroad you must strictly follow the instructions given by them. Any deviation would result in your application being rejected and you not being allowed entry into India.

Duration of stay in India on a business visa

The duration of stay granted at each entry will be up to 6 months. There will be no restriction on the number of entries during the validity period. You may travel in and out of India multiple times during the visa validity period without any prior permission from the Office of Protector General of Emigrants, New Delhi. The duration may be extended up to five years by the Office of Protector General of Emigrants under certain circumstances.

Considerations before applying for a visa

The Indian Medical Attendance visa is often sought by foreign nationals looking to work as nurses or attendants at hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers throughout India. However, before applying for a business visa to India on behalf of your foreign employee, consider whether it makes more sense in your case to hire through another category. For example, if you intend to transfer a professional with managerial skills or specialized knowledge (such as an IT specialist), see if you might be better off filing their visa request under another category.

Tips while working in India on a business visa

More and more people prefer business visas or business tourist visas over work permits. There are several reasons behind that. The first reason is that with a business visa you can stay in India for 180 days, whereas on a work permit your stay is restricted only to 90 days. Hence if your purpose of visiting India is not just employment then it’s better to go with a tourist/business visa. Also, another important factor related to residency permission is that in case of employment after 3 years you have the option to apply for an OCI card, but if you do business or run a hotel then there are no such restrictions imposed by the Indian government.

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