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Can’t get your first 1000 subscribers? Here are my top tips to comprar seguidores instagram portugal by 1000. Let’s look at how to get 1000 Instagram followers in just a few weeks. check now

You might wait a while if you start using Instagram because you believe your account will attract engaged followers without investing in it.

It is not just the regular publishing of content that will help your community grow. A winning strategy is essential.

According to stats, 30% are using Instagram. With 2-7% of users engaging each post, Instagram has the highest brand engagement rate.

You can find many tips online for how to create an Instagram account that is successful. Many of these tips work well with large community accounts, but they won’t be as effective for small budgets.

It is often the hardest to reach the first thousand followers, which applies equally to Instagram and other social media platforms. In reality, neither users nor algorithms give importance to you.

When you first start, most users you follow are your friends. While this is fine for personal accounts, it’s insufficient to increase your brand’s notoriety.

Although you can buy followers, those are not real numbers. Instagram’s algorithm today gives visibility to users based not on how many subscribers they have but on how many social interactions they have.

The community also frowns on the purchase of followers. All doors will be shut down if you’re unmasked for collaborations and partnerships.


To increase your account’s visibility on Instagram’s search results, you can use two things:

Your username

Your name.

Both can appear in the Instagram search results. If you create a brand, your Instagram account’s username must contain the brand’s name.

There are two options for business pages. You can either use your business name or create a thematic account. In this case, the primary keyword in your niche is used.

In the “Name” field, add your keyword: something that briefly describes your business and your target audience. comprar seguidores instagram portugal

You don’t have to use the “Username,” but you can. You can add 1 or 2 keywords that are related to your activity. Your account’s visibility in search results will not be affected by the rest of your Bio.

The description of your Bio is what your followers see first when they visit your Instagram profile. Your Bio is a must-have to make it easy for Internet users to find your Instagram account’s subject.


Follow people you know. View your Facebook suggestions and phone contacts. You will send them a notification allowing them to follow you back.

Go to your profile, click on the top right and select “Connection” from the menu. Next, go to the “Contacts to Discover” menu and click “Connection.”


Define your target audience and create an avatar.

Next, look for accounts that appeal to your target audience. You don’t have to compete with them, but you can find others with the same profile.

Fitness trainers will find the right audience for their services in gyms, sports shops, and accounts that promote healthy lifestyles.

Look for accounts that regularly post and get a lot of engagement.

Make a list of these accounts and then engage.

Visit their profile. Comment on their posts. Follow them and interact with them. It is vital to grab their attention to make them want to follow you.


Did you know that 30% of what you see is the content of those you follow? Don’t follow people you don’t like.

Your followers will only see certain content if they follow you. This is where communication with users is vital. They should pass on your feed to follow you and continue engaging. Your content will appear in more news feeds if more people interact with it.

Your publications may also be competing with other publications. This will ensure that the magazine with the highest engagement will have the most visibility.


  • After testing many post styles on various small business accounts, I have compiled the best.
  • To demonstrate the effectiveness of your products or services, create before/after images.
  • Share the stories of your customers using your products or services whenever you get the chance.
  • Your customers’ testimonials are welcome.
  • You can create instructional messages if offering products or services that need technique.
  • Include questions or a call for action to increase engagement in your posts.
  • Use relevant quotes to reflect your theme. Could you not go overboard with it?
  • Use your hashtag to create and promote your brand. You can also invite others to use your branded hashtag in future publications.

Send photos and videos showing your backoff process

You can use Instagram to create quality content. When you are about to click the “Publish” button, ask yourself if your post meets your audience’s expectations. Is it worth sharing your post?

6. Be consistent

Even if you only post once a week, be consistent with your posting. You can determine the publication date and time by looking at the statistics for your account. This will give you valuable information about your community’s most active times and days.

Publishing according to logic has the advantage that subscribers will know when new content is available from you. More info

If you stop posting to Instagram for a while, you will no longer be visible in your followers’ news feed. Even if you restart your Instagram feed, some of your followers may not be able to see you again. Mainly because Instagram’s algorithm significantly reduces visibility when a dynamic is broken

You run the risk of not reaching your full potential in visual perception.


Engage with your followers by asking them a question in every one of your posts. They will not respond immediately. They won’t respond to you because they don’t know enough about you, but also because your community is too small. Keep at it, even if it feels like you are talking to yourself.

Engage your followers by responding to their stories and posting to Instagram. It takes time. It takes time, but if you persevere, users will begin to answer your questions and engage with different types of content.


Hashtags allow you to be discovered by new users. You can use multiple hashtags without spamming your followers. It would be best if you look for hashtags that are relevant to your posts.

Next, list all the topics you wish to post to your Instagram account. It’s tempting to pick hashtags that have a lot of content. I don’t recommend this.

Choose hashtags with a maximum of 500k visuals. Your posts will be visible more often and not drown in the publication flow. comprar seguidores instagram portugal

Keep your list of hashtags in a notepad on your phone and copy and paste it to today’s post. It is essential to change your hashtags.


Your publications should appear in the first nine results of the hashtag to maximize visibility. While Instagram doesn’t disclose this information, your position appears partly determined by the number of interactions within an hour after the post.

Put another way, you must have a community response to new interactions. These are other tips that will help you increase the visibility of your posts.

Post when your followers have internet access. Check your statistics if you have a professional account.

You can achieve a high-quality image that your target audience will easily understand.

Use the hashtags that correspond to your activity. They shouldn’t be too popular. They should not be too popular.

Tag people who are not you in your photos. You will get a notification encouraging them to respond.

Keep in touch with large accounts. You can build relationships with larger versions if you don’t already know any. comprar seguidores instagram portugal

It is essential to track your position on various hashtags. If you find yourself not in the TOP 9, you can replace them. Your post usually disappears from the TOP positions in the hashtag feed within 24 hours.

Two posts can rank in the rankings, but they will not be competing. This is why it is essential to vary your hashtags.

It isn’t easy to achieve the best results. It won’t be easy, but you can follow these guidelines and likely get the best results.


You can use Instagram videos in three ways: on your Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, or IGTV (Instagram Television). Videos get 34% more interaction than photos.

You can quickly create a tutorial using 15-second Instagram Stories. Food bloggers may share a portion of the recipe, for example.

Using the Instagram Stories Live feature, you can connect with your followers anywhere. Suppose you don’t sell physical products, including describing why your services are essential. Demonstrate how your product/service is better than the rest. With a bit of creativity, you can stand out from the rest.


You must understand Instagram well to have 1000 followers. The first 1000 followers are the hardest to get. You will be able to follow others after you have passed this stage. However, it will not be easy.


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