How to Select a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

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Selecting a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner is a complex task, but the benefits of partnering with one are well worth the effort. There are several things to look for. Having a transparent relationship is important, and prompt responses to questions and issues are important. Ask the partner several questions about the implementation process, their industry expertise, on-going support, and track record. Listed below are a few ways to determine if a partner is right for your business.

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner is an organization with extensive experience in implementing and customizing Microsoft’s ERP solutions for businesses of all sizes. These organizations share best practices and detailed documentation, and help businesses take advantage of the many features included with a subscription to Microsoft’s cloud-based solution. Partner organizations also offer advanced reporting tools and functional tips to help users optimize their business processes. A few such partners include eBECS, Velosio, and Calsoft Systems.

For example, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is built natively on the Azure platform, which means it benefits from the expansive cloud fabric and data centers from Microsoft. Microsoft’s services maintain 99.9% availability, and you can host your Dynamics 365 data in the data center region that is most convenient for your business. Because the platform is cloud-based, there is no server-side infrastructure to maintain, and you can even choose to host your data close to your users. If you need to maintain strict data security standards, you can use the Microsoft Service Trust Portal to find information on compliance.

It integrates with Office 365

If you’re looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your customer service, you should consider integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Office CC. This integration makes your CRM software more flexible and powerful than ever. It makes it easy to share documents with your team. The two applications also integrate easily, making them a great combination for improving customer service. Let’s find out how they work together.

You can choose a certified Microsoft Dynamics CC Partner to help you integrate Office XP and CRM with your existing business processes. There are several benefits to using a partner, including detailed documentation and access to best practices. Microsoft Dynamics CC integration from a certified partner will help you maximize the features of your subscription. These companies provide advanced reporting tools, functional tips for optimizing your business processes, and even help you reduce costs.

It offers Adobe Marketing Cloud

The combination of the two leading marketing technology companies has opened the door to a better customer experience for business. The combined solution allows organizations to create personalised, context-rich campaigns based on a unified customer profile. Adobe’s cloud-based platform orchestrates campaigns across multiple channels and provides real-time insights into customer behavior. This enables companies to deliver tailored, personalized content and optimize their campaigns for the optimal return on investment.

The Adobe acquisition is also an opportunity for Microsoft customers, who will get sales incentives through the combination. The two companies will collaborate on data integration and analytics to offer a complete marketing solution. Adobe already offers some services on Amazon Web Services and the two companies plan to leverage the data to further drive their marketing efforts. Adobe has announced a similar co-marketing deal with SAP two years ago. The acquisition signals a new phase in the companies’ collaboration, as they vie for the same market share among software vendors.

It has different partnership statuses

While most Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners are able to implement the full spectrum of the software, some specialize in specific business applications. A good partner will know how to integrate these applications into your business, while a specialist may focus on consulting or training. When choosing a Dynamics 365 partner, it is important to consider your future needs, as some services may be irrelevant today, but will be crucial in a few years. You should choose a partner who can provide all of the services your company needs today and integrate with several other service providers in the future.

A Dynamics 365 Partner has several partnership statuses, ranging from Gold to Platinum. Gold, silver, and platinum partners have more experience in the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. While these partnership statuses are the highest for a Dynamics 365 Partner, they differ greatly in terms of how much knowledge and skills they possess. You can also choose a partner based on their reputation and experience.

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