On Screen Evaluation System

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The On Screen Evaluation System is an online system that scans answer sets loaded onto a server and allows adjudicators to view and review the answer scripts on their computer. Each adjudicator is assigned a login ID and one-time password, or OTP, to access the system. The OTP is sent to a registered mobile number. If the system does not receive this new OTP, the user will need to log in again. Another feature of this system is that the webcam can be used to monitor the evaluation process.

Reduces administration and logistical costs

In recent years, on-screen evaluators have become an essential part of evaluating companies to improve their quality. Developing new customers is much more costly than maintaining existing ones. In fact, customer service provides a higher return on investment than other customer development activities, such as promotion. In addition, on-screen evaluators reduce administration and logistical costs of On Screen Evaluation Systems. A recent study suggests that an On-screen evaluator can help reduce the overall costs of implementing an On-screen evaluation system.

Allows easy sharing of data

An On Screen Evaluation System (OSES) is an online system for sharing data and evaluating programs. Unlike other evaluation systems, this one is designed to facilitate easy sharing of evaluation results. Besides facilitating easy sharing, it also enables users to comment on the evaluation findings. This approach encourages the primary intended users of the evaluation to participate in the evaluation process. It helps them to provide valuable feedback on the evaluation process, including draft reports, interim findings, and provisional interpretations.

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