Popular Types Of Wood Composite Fences

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The composite, unlike its completely natural counterpart, does not rot, does not require maintenance in the form of grinding, impregnation, painting, insects do not start in it, plus WPC is not afraid of exposure to moisture, direct sunlight, and also does not crack from changes in humidity and temperatures. .

Outwardly, the WPC fence turns out to be even more attractive than from natural wood, due to the fact that the geometry of the planked is ideal, which means that even gaps are obtained between the boards and the boards themselves are all the same width and thickness, which greatly simplifies installation.

Board assortment

There is a fence board made of WPC of the Outdoor brand with a width of 115mm and 122mm. The whole board has a thickness of 22mm, which is enough to give the fence the necessary rigidity and allows it to withstand wind loads. The Planked is shipped wrapped in heavy shrink wrap to protect it from shipping damage and make it easy to store on site.

The entire universal board is represented by three main colors: black (black), brown (brown) and gray (gray), plus their variations interspersed with dark-colored elements into the texture of the board – the “mix” series. Terrace boards, fencing elements and other products from Outdoor WPC are produced in the same color scheme, so you can always choose a fence and railings in the color of the terrace flooring and vice versa.

The main types of fences from the WPC board

What is the best composite fencing?

There are no specific rules and frameworks that limit the direction of fastening the board and the width of the spans; however, there is an instruction for mounting the fence board developed by Outdoor specialists, which takes into account the rigidity of the board, thermal deformation indicators and other features of the material.

The entire Outdoor WPC board is produced in lengths of 3 and 4 meters, respectively, and the width / height of the spans for the fence is best chosen as a multiple of this length in order to reduce the amount of waste and thereby reduce the final cost per square meter of the fence.

Especially in order to visually show the most common drawings of filling the spans with a board and simplify the calculation of the approximate price per square meter of a fence for our customers, our specialists have calculated several of the most common types of filling the spans of the fence.

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