Raycon Earbuds reviewed

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It is not difficult to find wireless Raycon Earbuds that are good. There are so many options that you should be able choose from, it’s easy to find the best pair. However, for every set of reliable earbuds you can find a cheap imitation that will disappoint. If you’re not careful you could end paying full price for quality earbuds. How do you find the best earbuds within your budget range?

Design in general

The Raycon E25 Earbuds (E25 Edition) have almost the same appearance as the originals. Everything has remained the same in terms of cosmetics. These are discreet, in-ear bud with no protruding screws. The shells are made from a satin material, which is impervious to fingerprints. It’s easy to clean. And unlike most wireless buds you don’t have a boring black option. These wireless earbuds come in black or white.

The package includes five sets of 5 gel ear tips. The gel material feels extremely soft and flexible. It is also very comfortable to wear. E25 earbuds work well if you are going to be wearing your earbuds for a long time. However, the gel material will wear faster than silicone. After six months of regular use, you will notice that the buds aren’t as secure in your ears anymore. You’ll have plenty backups. Additionally, all five tip sets are available in different sizes. It is possible to find the perfect fit no matter how big or small your ears are.

You will find the grey Raycon logo on each earbud’s back. These logos represent the earbuds’ touch buttons. You can tap and press or double-tap for a variety of functions. You can answer or end calls and play and pause music. You can also call your phone’s Voice Assistant. These controls aren’t always working as intended and can sometimes be a bit finicky. Also, the left earbud can only be used to play and pause. This is especially true if you only have one earbud.

Audio Quality

Raycon Everyday headphones have the same audio quality as their original counterparts. Although not studio quality, it sounds good across all frequencies. It’s rich and punchy with deep bass and clean highs. There is also a wide soundstage. This gives you a sense that space is available and separates instruments. The result is that the sound feels “live”, whether you’re listening to music or watching a film.

However, the E25 buds still have the same overall quality. They also have three audio profiles. These three EQ settings can be used to alter the feel of your music without getting too much into the weeds. This allows for you to adjust the musical feel without having to resort to third-party apps. However, the overall profile will be heavier on the bass than what you might expect. This is the main feature of the original 25, known for their strong bass presence. Even though the EQ might be flat, the lower frequencies will still be heard.

The Raycon E25Pro might be the best option if you like the E25 but don’t want as much bass. This is another E25 variant. But it has a flat EQ and less bass. You may find it has less bass than your needs.

The E25s is also equipped with an “Awareness” mode that amplifies outside noise. It is very similar to the transparency mode that comes with ANC buds. But these buds don’t have ANC. You may prefer the Raycon HTML50, or H100 if ANC is required. They are extremely high-quality headphones with active noise cancellation. They’re large-sized, over-the-ear headphones.

Final Verdict

The Raycon The E25 Earbuds (2021 Ed.), a well-designed upgrade of the already popular earbuds, are well-designed. There’s plenty to love, with longer-lasting batteries as well as additional sound modes and a higher water resistance. If you liked the original E25 model, you will love the new model.

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