Six FREE Facebook Marketing Tools to Juice Up Your Campaigns

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Everyone wants to make more juice from our marketing efforts, but many barriers are in the way. (followers on facebook)  We’re all struggling to figure out what changes we must make in order to increase the visibility and engagement for your Facebook content. Some people know precisely what they’d like to do however don’t have enough resources or manpower to accomplish it.Click Here

Here are six highly effective Facebook advertising tools which can aid you in advertising on Facebook without cost (minus the expense of having to pay for advertising place!). Check out our most popular paid Facebook advertising tools as well!

Facebook Marketing Tool #1: DrumUp

It’s a given to keep posting a constant stream of engaging, relevant content on the Facebook page. It can also be difficult to go out and find interesting content to share.

Now , you can delegate the scavenging task to DrumUp and check this task off your list! The free tool finds engaging stories that will appeal to your target audience, then ranks them, and put them on a queue to share on your social media to get followers on facebook free


To begin All you need to do is give an appropriate list of keywords. The service searches the internet for content that is related to these terms and displays the stories in a feed of content. Are you able to find a story that you like? Just click it and DrumUp will include it in the share queue. It will even choose an ideal time for the article to go out.

Drumup tool for posting

If you want to alter it, open the post, click on it and leave a comment with the headline, change to the time, date, and date of posting, add an appropriate hashtag, upload an image, and plan the post to be repeated in the near future!

Apart from the posts the tool recommends, you may also create your own distinct posts. This means that you are able to use this tool to control all Of your Facebook shares.Read more

Facebook Marketing Tool #2: Likealyzer

  • likealyzer report
  • What’s up with that Kick in the pants?

LikeAlyzer is created by the people at Meltwater offers a comprehensive analysis of your Facebook page’s performance, along with highly actionable suggestions on how to improve engagement with your company. Like many other tools for free that you can use, you do not need to provide any personal data to receive the evaluation. Simply enter your site’s URL and it’ll be created automatically within a few moments.

deep dive likealyzer report

The report is easy to use and gives clear information on what’s working and what’s not to improve the performance of your Facebook account. As you can observe, we’re posting at minimum once per day, however, we could see significantly more engagement when we changed the format of content we post, posted at different times of the day and asking more questions to our followers. Simple adjustments can have an enormous difference to our efficiency!

 Additionally, LikeAlyzer shows you how your page compares to other pages on “Similar Brands,” so you’ll have a idea of how much you can gauge the amount of attention your competitors pay to their Facebook pages.

 Facebook Marketing Tool #3: Canva

canva examples

Here are a few examples of the content Facebook marketers can create using this tool for free.

This design tool is handy whenever you have to create a custom-designed image, something you’ll likely do quite often if you manage your business’s Facebook marketing activities.

I am a fan of Canva because it’s extremely intuitive. It provides pre-sized templates for Facebook covers for posts, page covers as well as app cover. After you’ve chosen the template you want to use, drag and drop a variety of design elements (images or text forms) to add them to it, and you’re good to go!

Note : how to get followers on facebook business page

The pre-designed layouts of Canva, many of which are completely free!

Do you not have a keen eye for style? I feel your pain. The very first couple of Canva images I designed myself were a smack of evil. Thankfully, the team at Canva understands our flaws! The website Design School includes a wealth of instructional tips and tricks for users to create stunning images for marketing content as well as social media. Still struggling? It is possible to download one of their templates (some are free, while others charge a modest cost) and alter the text to work for you. 

Facebook Marketing Tool #4: Facebook Power Editor

The team at Facebook have created this free tool for marketing specifically for advertisers with a high level of expertise who manage numerous campaigns and advertisements. If you’re unhappy with limitation of basic Facebook Ads interface then this tool is for you!

Facebook Power Editor

Through Power Editor, you can easily create and duplicate ads, campaigns, and advertisements. It lets you modify all your ad sets in the same window, which makes it simple to alter the finer details of duplicate variations, targeting for placement and tracking conversion. After you’ve made all your campaigns, you’ll be able to make them live simultaneously and usually they’re approved in a matter of minutes (head to this page if they’re not accepted!). In the end, it is an easy procedure that allows you to get several new Facebook advertisements into production quicker than with Ad Manager.

Facebook Power Editor beta access

In addition than that, as an Power Editor user, you are able to become the first to adopt new advertising tools. In general, Facebook does a test for all new products within Power Editor to gauge their popularity prior to incorporating it into its standard application. This could give an advantage over other competitors.


Facebook Marketing Tool #5: Headline Analyzer

Marketers are aware that the headline for a post’s post can determine its effectiveness. We put in a lot of effort to come up with eye-catching, engaging headlines for blog posts as well as ads, and it we’d be foolish not to do the same with Facebook shares! It isn’t always easy to know which headlines are most effective for your target audience. That’s why the Headline Analyzer from Coschedule can be useful.buying followers on facebook

headline analyzer

Once you’ve thought of a good headline, enter the headline into this program. It’ll give you an aggregate score of your headline as well as a thorough analysis on its format, characters count, and sentiment. It will also provide an idea of what it might appear as email subject line as well as ads. The most important feature to this software is its hyperlink to each section which provides examples, tips and examples.


If you’re not an expert at writing words then this tool is for you. Facebook program for you. It will teach you everything you need to create headlines that look like the top content marketers!

Facebook Marketing Tool #6: Timeline Contest Manager

Contests are a fantastic opportunity to boost engagement on your Facebook page. However, managing them on your own can be an absolute nightmare. Agorapulse’s Timeline Contest Manager simplifies the procedure for you. It allows advertisers to run any number of competitions through their timelines including quizzes, sweepstakes, photo contests and sweepstakes. 

timeline contest manager

To start, choose an existing blog post that will announce the contest you want to advertise.

Contest alternatives

Then, select the type of contest you would like to host. You’ll be asked to provide the winning criteria , and the tool will look through the article to help you find the winners!

While this may be the most well-known of Agorapulse’s available tools for free, they have the Facebook Page Barometer as well as Agorapulse Academy that are worth a look!

Have you come across additional free Facebook tools you like? Please submit your suggestions in the comments!

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