Spanish and Danish Citizens Can Now Apply for a Canadian Visa Online

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The Canadian government has recently made it easier for Spanish and Danish citizens to travel to Canada by approving visa-free travel arrangements with these countries. Beginning December 1, 2018, Spanish citizens will be able to stay in Canada for up to six months without the need of obtaining a visa, while Danish citizens will have visa-free travel until December 31, 2019. That said, certain conditions do apply when it comes to traveling without a visa so make sure you keep reading this article so you know exactly what those conditions are!

Why an eTA is important

Under Canadian law, all citizens of countries outside of Canada need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before boarding their flight to Canada. The eTA is obtained through IRCC’s website and comes with no cost or obligation. Unlike other travel authorizations, it doesn’t lead to a visa or guarantee entry into Canada—it’s just an authorization that allows you to board your flight. It’s important to note that if you don’t have an eTA when arriving at a Canadian airport, you’ll be refused entry into Canada and sent back home immediately. Even citizens of countries who aren’t required to obtain an eTA should still apply for one as soon as possible—you’ll still be allowed entry into Canada while your application is being processed. Canadian Visa for Spanish Citizens

How to apply for the eTA

eTA is an electronic travel authorization that allows citizens of certain countries to visit Canada without having to apply for a Canadian visa. It’s valid for five years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. Once you have an eTA, you can board your flight to Canada. If you’re not eligible, or if you choose not to get an eTA, you will need to fill out a paper form—and require assistance from someone in person at one of Canada’s visa application centers (VAC). This can be quite time-consuming. Both Denmark and Spain are eligible countries so why wait? If planning on traveling by air overland into Canada soon, consider applying now!

Eligibility Requirements

Any Canadian Visa applicant must meet certain eligibility requirements to be able to apply. The requirements differ depending on which type of Canadian visa you want to apply for, but generally speaking, all applicants will need to submit forms and documents, provide biometric information, pay fees, and/or attend an interview. In general: Applicants must meet age requirements (there are different minimum ages depending on which type of visa you’re applying for). Applicants must be present in Canada at the time of application unless they have been granted a visitor record by Immigration Canada. Applicants must not have any health or criminal issues that would prevent them from being eligible for a visa. Canadian Visa for Danish Citizens

Documents Needed

Canadians who are traveling to Canada or returning to Canada must apply for an eTA prior to boarding their flight. Canadian citizens (including dual citizens) need not apply. Canadians may also be exempt from needing an eTA depending on their country of origin, how they entered Canada in the past and what travel document they hold. Those who do need an eTA should be aware that some airport officials require travelers without one to complete their application process before landing in Canada. Most airlines also allow passengers without an eTA to board with some restrictions; however, all flights will have customs officers available at destination airports where passengers without proper documents can be questioned and turned away.

Getting your eTA

Canadian Visa Applications From Spanish And Danish Citizens Take 18 Days to Process. Canada Offers Two Visas For Tourists: A Visitor Visa And A Tourist Visa. Both Are Valid For As Long As The Applicant Stays In Canada, But A Tourist Visa Only Allows People To Visit Canada Once Within Six Months. One Big Difference Between These Two Visas Is The Cost: While It Costs $75 To Get A Tourist Visa, It Costs $400 Canadian Dollars (CAD) To Get A Visitor’s Visa.

Applying at the airport

If you’re taking a direct flight to Canada from Denmark or Spain, you can apply at your airport of departure. If you are leaving from outside Denmark or Spain (for example, if you are traveling in Europe), please check with your local Canadian visa office for more information. You will need your passport, which must be valid for at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in Canada; proof that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in Canada (you should have CA$10 per day, up to CA$700); and proof that you will leave Canada at its end (proof of onward travel). If there is any doubt about any documents, they may be required again later when you arrive in Canada.

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