The Azerbaijan horse

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The Azerbaijan horse is also known as Azerbaidzhanskaya is well-equipped to ride particularly on steep mountainsides. As a breed considered to be ancient however, it’s becoming quite scarce.

Physical Characteristics

The Azerbaijan is designed like a wedge but proportioned well. How Long Do Birds Live It has a small but robust back, sturdy legs, sturdy hooves and a short, thin ear. The most striking characteristic is its large chest, which is well-developed. The eyes of this horse are expressive and quite big for its head, that it proudly wears up high. It is true that, aside from it’s size — which is at just 12.1 or 14 hands in height (48-56 inches 120-142 centimeters) The Azerbaijan is akin to an army horse.

It is said that the Azerbaijan is a fast and agile horse that allows it to tackle difficult terrain at a quick speed. Riders love its straight, wide back as well as its sense of balance and its natural effortless gait — all of that make it less likely to get injured essential for mountaineers.

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The mane of Azerbaijan isn’t as flowing and long as that for other horse breeds. It is it is small and shorter.The hair, however, is fine, thin, and is gray or bay-colored. You can however be able to see Azerbaijan in buckskin, sorrel or black occasionally. The breed’s most rare color is palomino.


The Azerbaijan horse generally has long lives. It is a horse that is accustomed to harsh living conditions the stock of this breed is tough and it is not prone to health issues. Males and females that belong to this breed are fertile, but the amount of Azerbaijan horses is still low.

History and Background

The breed was bred in Azerbaijan in the region that is part of the ex Soviet Union. birds facts The origins of the breed are believed to be prehistoric (though there are no evidence) and the genetics of this breed are believed to have been influenced its Karabakh as well as Persian Horse breeds.

The political and economic conditions of the early Caucasus inspired the people to build an animal that could saddle up and go travel for long distances at a rapid pace. Of these, the Azerbaijan was considered to be the best fit for their requirements. It was also appreciated throughout the region due to of its strength and speed particularly during the time of conflict.

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