The Most Essential India Visa Documents and Eligibility Requirements

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Traveling to India soon? Good news! You can visit India without needing an Indian visa if you’re from one of the following countries or regions. However, if you do need an Indian visa, you’ll need to submit documents proving your citizenship, identity, and residential address as well as prove that you have sufficient funds available to cover your trip expenses in India.


To travel to India, you will need a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in India. Some countries also require that your passport be valid for at least four months beyond your return date. Any existing visas or stamps in your current passport must be valid as well. A good rule of thumb to follow: if you’re applying for a visa, make sure you can still travel with it after getting it approved. Keep in mind that some countries (like China) won’t issue visas on passports that are less than 6 months from expiration. India Visa documents required

Appointment letter

If you have not worked for your employer for more than three months, you will also need an appointment letter (or a No Objection Certificate) from your employer. This shows that your prospective employer is aware of your application to work in India as well as its plans to employ you when you arrive. In many cases, applicants with prospective jobs at multinational companies have been able to complete their visa applications without submitting an employment contract or formal job offer letter from their employers, since these companies often have centralized human resources departments that issue generic appointment letters. If you do not work for a large corporation, however, it’s important to receive a formal appointment letter or written job offer before beginning your visa application process.

Bank Statement

You’ll need to provide evidence of sufficient funds. The amount required varies, depending on your destination and duration of travel, but a general rule is US$100 per day for India, about twice that for long-term stays (six months or more). Keep in mind that exchange rates vary over time; at press time you’d need around ₹10,000 a day. Note: if you are visiting India as part of an organized tour, they will often take care of securing your visa and may even handle other aspects of your trip such as hotels or transportation so it would be beneficial to ask them about their visa services before booking your trip. Some companies require that you purchase travel insurance from them as well so make sure to read any fine print carefully.

Photo Identification

To prove your identity, you’ll need a valid passport. If your passport is still within its first 10 years of issue, you won’t need a visa for entry into India. If your passport is more than 10 years old, you will need to apply for an Indian visa before you travel. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from your planned date of departure from India; otherwise, you will be refused entry at immigration checkpoints. Any unused pages in your passport must contain full or blank visa pages or they won’t be accepted by officials. You should have one photo page with one full-face picture to present at airports in case Indian officials require it during screening. India Visa Eligibility

Proof of Indian Residence

If you’re an Indian citizen, you can prove your residence in one of three ways: a registered lease agreement with your landlord; a utility bill (cable TV, phone) in your name, or a property tax receipt. If you are not Indian but have been married to an Indian for at least two years (or one year if your spouse is deceased), you will be able to show evidence of cohabitation.

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