Top PHP Development Tools For PHP Developers in 2022

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The world of technology is bringing new opportunities for users and creators. Creators here refer to the developers who continuously contribute to developing software, web apps, etc. Although several programming languages are combined with their respective tech stacks, PHP is emerging as the fastest server-side scripting language for web apps. PHP developers and PHP development companies are using the technology to create revolutionary products. Beginners like college students and intermediate programmers like junior developers continuously search for top PHP development tools for efficient development in 2022.

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The market is flooded with such tools, but we have compiled a list of PHP tools that expert PHP developers use widely. Let us look at them briefly so you can try them and decide on your PHP development tool.

Zend Studio

Web developers choose a tool that is fast to deploy their codes within a minimal time period. Zend Studio is known for its speed and reliability in the development world. The tool saves the time and efforts of developers due to its intelligent suggestions. Zend supports the new versions of PHP language like PHP 7 with strong debugging functionality and integration of X-ray, Xdebug, and Zend Debugger. Web developers can perform any task on this powerful tool, from clouds in the server to local machines. The tool supports Eclipse plugins to further improve its power.


  • Easy eclipse plugin integration
  • Support for Docker
  • Powerful framework and tools by Zend
  • Faster performance with instant code validation
  • Supports VB, C, C#, C++, PHP, and Javascript forming a multiple tool support
  • Available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS


One of the widely used PHP IDE supporting multiple languages. Net-beans were initially used for Java development. Since then, the tool has never stopped offering support for new languages. A great advantage of using the tool is that it is lightweight in nature, making it fast for the PHP development environment. C, C++, and HTML5 are efficiently supported by this tool. From basic web apps to large scale web apps, you can build anything with these tools in multiple languages like Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and more.


  • A robust code competition environment
  • Getter Setter are generated efficiently
  • Highlighting the syntax and catching errors
  • Wide language of language support like PHP, JavaScript, C, and C++
  • Available on Windows, macOS, Linux

PHP Storm

The tool enjoys wide features from different tools. It is fast, smooth, and lightweight, making it one of the first choices of PHP developers. It supports all the PHP frameworks like Laravel, CMLS, Zend, and more. The support for front-end technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is strong in the tool. From code refracting to debugging, PHP developers can perform any action on this tool. Finally, the integration with a database is fast in PHPStorm, empowering the developers.


  • Fast code completion with rearrangement
  • Native zencoding support inside the IDE Extensions of VIM editor is efficiently supported
  • Available for Linux, Windows, macOS

Cloud 9

The list of open source IDEs is incomplete without mentioning Cloud 9. The capabilities of Cloud 9 are far more powerful than a normal IDE because it supports hundreds of programming languages where; PHP, C, C++, JavaScript, and python are a few of the names. When a developer turns on the IDE, they are greeted with a ready-made workspace to save their time. The functionality of live testing makes it easy for developers. From server apps to server-less apps, Cloud 9 opens a wide range of opportunities for developers.


  • Real-time analysis of languages
  • A powerful debugger integrated in the tool
  • Image editor
  • Available for Mac OS, Linux, and Solaris

Sublime Text

For beginners, Sublime text is an efficient text editor highly used by PHP developers. It is not an IDE, but the learning opportunities are massive in the Sublime Text. Sublime text leads the way for developers in all aspects, from mark-up to programming languages.


  • Fast editing of code
  • Project switch is easy in Sublime text
  • A distraction-free environment for the developers
  • Supports multiple plugins and APIs
  • Supports the majority of programming languages
  • Available on Linux, macOS and Windows


Developed by Codelobster software company, CodeLobster is a popular tool for PHP development. The support for PHP frameworks is wide in the IDE, and the development process is simplified to a great extent for beginner programmers. It will assist you in arguments, functions, and tags, providing an automated process for faster development. The tool internally debugs everything for the developers as they write the code. With CodeLobster, developers enjoy features of content management systems like WordPress, Magento, and Joomla.

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  • SQL manager for better database management
  • Automated completion for keywords with their complete set of properties
  • Highlighted syntax with highlighted errors if any, found during the development process
  • PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are supported extensively by the IDE
  • Available on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

PHP debugger

Debugging is an important phase of development and having a dedicated tool for debugging is a great efficiency for PHP developers. PHP debugger works with any project and displays the complete checking process in the debugging process. It can inspect CSS, JavaScript, and HTML elements efficiently.


  • Networking traffic monitoring
  • Dubbing the logs directly from the debugger
  • Easy to use interface for new developers
  • Supports PHP, Ruby, .Net, Java, and more


Eclipse is not a new tool in the market and ranks as one of the top PHP development tools. A simple interface provides an advantage to the new PHP developers. PHP development companies highly use the tool because of its broad range of plugins to develop complex PHP requirements. Developers can build any web app with Eclipse, from small to large scale projects.


  • Highlighting the syntax with different highlighters
  • Several code templates for ready-made use
  • Navigation of code is fast and easy
  • Assists developers through suggestions for keywords in the programming languages
  • Supports a wide range of languages from Python to Erlang and more.
  • Available on macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems

Ending words

There are a large number of tools available for PHP development, and going through all of them is a time-consuming task. The above list will highly assist beginner PHP developers and intermediate developers who are looking for a switch. The list is created after researching top PHP development companies.

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