What exactly is this Blogger Ideas Panel

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Start a post if you have queries that haven’t been answered by the Blogger Ideas Panel.

Get the latest information and answers to frequently asked questions on Blogger’s newest feature, the Ideas panel. What is the Ideas panel, how to utilise it, and other relevant information are provided here.

The Google Blogger team is hard at work on a brand new feature called the Ideas panel for the BlogSpot dashboard. This is a useful function for generating concepts for new material to be included in blog posts.


In this page, you will find information that pertains to the Ideas panel feature that is available. The information consists of an overview, a guide on how to utilise the features, solutions, and the benefits of the Blogger Ideas panel.

What exactly is this Blogger Ideas Panel ?

A brand new component of the Google Blogger platform is known as the Blogger Ideas panel. In the Ideas panel, users of Blogger can gain inspiration by viewing questions from around the web that have not yet been answered. At the moment, it is in the BETA form, which means that not all Blogger accounts can access it. This tool displays unresolved questions for several categories that are linked to the content of your blog. Therefore, bloggers are able to begin new posts on content that actual users want.


How Should I Make Use of the Ideas Panel When Creating a New Blog Post?

The Ideas panel in Blogger is a sidebar feature that displays unresolved questions from the internet that are linked to the material you are publishing. Therefore, there is no technological process involved in it.


The steps outlined below are easy procedures for making the most of the Blogger Ideas panel.


  • Read all of the questions that were asked at the Ideas panel.
  • Select potentially helpful question concepts that you intend to address in your post and filter them out.
  • If you think that there are too many questions that are linked to one another, combine them all into one post.
  • If you have a question that requires a lengthy and in-depth response, you might want to consider creating a new post for it.

Now is the time to begin developing material and posting it.

You will find an option labelled “Start Post” on the panel labelled “Ideas.” Simply opening the page where you can create the post is the result of clicking on this link. Therefore, it only serves the purpose of opening a new post page.

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Why Doesn’t The Ideas Panel Appear On My Dashboard?

At this time, the Blogger Ideas panel feature is in the testing phase known as BETA. This functionality is not currently accessible to all users of the Blogger platform. After it has been made public, it will then be accessible to everyone.

How Does The Ideas Panel Contribute To Increasing The Amount Of Blog Traffic?

The questions that are displayed in the ideas panel are questions that have been posed by actual users, and Google is looking for more precise responses or content related to these queries. It suggests that if you try to generate content that assists genuine consumers in obtaining more accurate answers, then Google may possibly advise your post in search results, and you will surely gain more visitors to your blog as a result of this.

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How can the Ideas panel in the Blogger dashboard be made visible or hidden?

The ideas panel includes a helpful list of subject matter recommendations. However, if you have not been successful in finding ideas that are pertinent to your blog or if you do not wish to use the Ideas panel, you have the option to disable (hide) it inside the Blogger settings.


Once you have disabled the Ideas panel, you are free to enable it at any time in the future.

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